Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo, Pisces – Who Are the Old Souls? What is an Old Soul

The Aries child is a “doer”. Aries Children have natural enthusiasm and will spur everyone else along. The energy is boundless. This daredevil will want to live and experience everything. There will also be a strong competitive instinct along with a great stamina. This kid will never consider coming second – the “winners” podium is theirs.

Aries will be impatient and will tend to start many projects losing interest long before completion. Frustration is a super-quick instinct with these children – frustration with their own abilities, and frustration in the inability or lack of pace of others too. No one will be in any doubt on how Aries feels. gemini horoscope

These children say it as they see it because there is no time for niceties. Time waits for no man. And, the Arian child, unless very well trained, waits for no man either. Aries will actually be quite temperamental but will seldom sulk or carry a bad moment for long. These kids will be genuinely baffled when someone takes offence with an outburst. It is the exclusive right of the Arian character to throw a huff without explanation, but there is little understanding as to why anyone else should react or take things personally. Careful nurturing into tact, diplomacy, sharing and caring -is needed, but “nurture” is the keyword. If force is used, you will be met with rebellion. This fiery youngster will learn better by example, so try to stifle the instinct to yell back. Simply suggest some “time out”. Not too long, though, because remember, this child forgets quickly. Just give it long enough for the rampant Aries to reflect and for you to gather your wits.

These kids need to be taught to listen and respect other people, and they do want to learn. So, start early by encouraging Aries to take responsibility for disruptive behavior. Encourage this child to look at the cause and effect and accept where they went wrong. Maybe quietly suggest an alternative for future reference. Aries will eventually learn to be more considerate and become easier to live with. No one will be more honest than this child will – they haven’t got time to stop and think about lies or deception. They speak from the cuff and give it to you straight. Also watch for a natural sense of fun.

These kids will love to share a joke or a prank with you and will probably laugh at your jokes even when the meaning is way beyond the baby thinking patterns. This is their way of joining in. Competitive sport is a great way of using up some of this remarkable stamina. It will make the best use of the determination and also the sheer energy that Aries will have. It will also encourage team spirit and discipline. Bear in mind that having several planets in the signs, Pisces or Taurus, before and after Aries can add a lot of patience to your young Aries character.


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