Avoid Your Cat Suffering From Boredom With Cat Toys

When it’s time to leave your cat behind and head out for work, it’s important to provide adequate cat toys for your pet to be active throughout the day. There are fantastic products currently on the market that will provide hours of play time for your cat. Scratch and Purr

Here are some ideas:

Catnip – A perfect addition to any product and your cat will love it. Catnip is both safe and natural for your pet. There is a large variety of cat toys that include catnip in all different shapes and sizes. It’s good to have a few types of these cat toys with catnip around the house, as your cat will love to seek them out and will keep them active.

Treat Balls – Another great way to motivate your cat. Fill them up with your cats favourite treats and just leave it in an open space at home. By the end of the day the treat ball will be empty and would have provided plenty of playtime and exercise.

Scratch Posts / Cat Tree’s – These products are essential to have in your home for your pet. Cat’s love to climb and it’s important to provide a post for them to scratch, otherwise they will find good use of your furniture. Cat tree’s with added cat toys and levels for them to climb onto are a real bonus and will soon enough be your cats favourite area to sleep and play. They are also important if you have a cat that is indoors only. Providing them with a cat tree will certainly help them keep in shape.

The following are some great ideas for cat toys. Ensuring your cat will be busy happily while you’re away at work. There are heaps of other cat toys available but just a few toys mentioned can make a massive difference to you and your pets well-being.

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