Backlinking – The Correct Way Not to Spill Your Link Juice

So- anybody who is involved with not just internet marketing, but anything related to a website knows a little bit about backlinking and how to set up backlinks… so what is it? Why do we need to backlink?

To sum it up without going into too much detail, backlinking is the incoming links to a website and is essential to anyone who is trying to get a higher page rank in the search engines. When it comes to search engine optimization, getting more backlinks indicates to search engines just how important your site is so learning how to create backlinks is vital to your online success. 구글상위노출

As you receive more and more links, your site will receive a higher page rank, getting more traffic and exposure from people who are looking for exactly what you are offering. So common sense would say concentrate on getting as many backlinks as you can to help get you on the first page of the search engines right? While that is the correct action to take when getting backlinks to your site, there are a few things to avoid if possible:

• Always have the keyword in the anchor text- a link with a desired keyword in the anchor text is always better than an anchor text that just says “CLICK HERE!”

• Getting a backlink from an image link- yes, you can get good traffic from a picture link if it’s appealing and makes people want to click on it, but as far as search engine optimization goes, a keyword anchor text backlink is far better.

• DO NOT get backlinks from irrelevant websites – getting a backlink from an internet marketing site will not help a dating site! Make sure that the backlinks you get are coming from sites relevant to your page. This is a common mistake that is often overlooked.

• Keep an eye on your ratio between inbound and outbound links. If your outbound links are times your inbound (or vice versa), this can do more damage than good.

Although there are more than just these four things to avoid when getting backlinks, these will at least keep you moving in the right direction when building quality backlinks to your site.

By taking the time to build quality backlinks [http://theblpinc.com/202/backlinking-correct-spill-linking-juice/], you create more traffic, more exposure, and most importantly a better page ranking. Do this correctly and your hard work will pay off in the long run.

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