Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring a IT Consulting Company

One of the most common mistakes that companies make when hiring a computer service is assuming that a computer consultant’s technical knowledge is the only thing that qualifies him or her for the job. Just as you wouldn’t hire a potential employee on the strength of his or her credentials alone, you should go a bit deeper during your initial meeting with an IT computer consultant to determine whether the person has the intrinsic qualities that will make them a good temporary employee, because that’s essentially what they’ll be. Below, we list four questions that all companies should ask a computer consultant before retaining his or her computer service for the job.

Does the Consultant Seem sensitive to Your Company’s Wants and Needs?

If you were considering someone for a permanent position at your company, chances are that you would turn them away if they seemed arrogant, preoccupied with salary or seemed to view the interview process as being insulting to their talent. So, why hire a computer consultant that displays the same traits? Unless you’re a computer guru, chances are that a consultant will need to translate his or her normal frame of reference into computer talk for laymen. If they’re not willing to do it or they do it begrudgingly, it probably shows that they don’t empathize with your concern about how a proposed solution will affect your company.

Does the Consultant Guard the Confidentiality of Former Clients?

If your company has proprietary data that it doesn’t want being blabbed about, you shouldn’t hire a computer service whose consultants speak about other companies’ proprietary information, even if they do it as a presentation of how much they can help you. Because the assessment of your company’s computer needs will probably involve examining how it does business versus how its competition does business, you want to hire a consultant who can keep their lips sealed about what makes your company a success.

Does the Consultant Speak Proudly of Past Achievements? change management

While consultants that speak only of their tremendous abilities can come off seeming self-consumed and too eager make the sale, it’s a good sign when a consultant mentions past achievements with a sense of pride. Because a consultant will be paid the same whether or not they take personal pride in their IT consulting endeavors, a consultant who shows pride displays that they have a personal connection with their past achievements. Because a consultant could easily decide to cut corners instead of going the extra mile, a consultant that takes pride in his or her work is the one that you want.

Does the Consultant Display the level of Knowledge that you expected?

If you find yourself speaking with a consultant who is drawing as many blanks as you are as you discuss solutions to your company’s problems, you should probably consider it a sign that, at the very least, your company’s solutions will come of with some hitches. Although all computer consultants have technical training, that doesn’t mean that their visionary ability is on the same level. Because you’ll be investing significant money in a computer solution, always insist on hiring someone who both looks like an expert on paper and talks like an expert in person.



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