How To Overcome The Fear Of Therapy In Children

How To Overcome The Fear Of Therapy In Children


There are several reasons why children fear therapy. Some of them include needles and the dark. But others have a different cause, such as a medical condition. However, before your child begins therapy, you should discuss the purpose of the session with them. Explain briefly the positive changes you expect the therapy to bring to your child. These could include a better focus in school and reduced feelings of anxiety. Including a family member with a child therapist in Dubai is also helpful in the conversation.

Make them help feel better by talking about it:

If your child fears going to therapy, you may have already tried some simple techniques. If you can identify the source of their fear, you can help them feel better by talking about it. By talking about their fears, you can also help them learn how to overcome them.

Look for desensitization:

One effective method is desensitization, gradually reducing a child’s fear. Desensitization is often done with the help of professional support. Psychotherapy can help a child gain self-confidence and cope with stressful situations. It may also include breathing exercises to help calm a child down.

Once patients have identified their core fears, the therapist can use a fear hierarchy to build an effective exposure treatment plan. This hierarchy lists specific situations and stimuli to which the patient will be gradually exposed. This strategy will be most effective if exposure is done regularly and consistently. When creating a hierarchy, it is also important to consider the child’s age.

Develop pathological versions of this phobia:

Fear of the dark can be a frightening condition for children. Their active imaginations and lack of ability to differentiate reality from fantasy can cause them to associate the dark with scary things. There are proven techniques you can use with your child to help them overcome their fear of the dark.

One of the most common phobias among children and adults is fear of the dark, or nyctophobia. This is a common fear of nighttime and is usually outgrown by the time kids reach adolescence. However, children can develop pathological versions of this phobia.

Parents can help overcome their fear by teaching them problem-solving skills:

Parents can help their children overcome this fear by teaching them problem-solving skills and methods to cope with their fears. For example, they can ask their children to imagine what they might do to feel less afraid of the dark. Some children find it comforting to sleep with a stuffed animal. Others prefer a bedtime routine. Parents should praise their children for finding a solution to help them face their fears.