What Safety Equipment Must Research Laboratories Have?

What Safety Equipment Must Research Laboratories Have?


Research laboratories in Dubai must have a variety of safety equipment. These include chemical fume hoods, fire extinguishers, facemasks, and biological safety cabinets. These safety items will prevent serious injury or loss of life during chemical processes. These safety items also ensure worker and environmental health.

Chemical fume hoods:

Properly maintained chemical fume hoods are vital to preventing worker illness and injury. Failed hoods can cause dangerous airflow disruptions, exposing laboratory workers to chemicals. Fortunately, there are several simple tips for maintaining fume hoods in research laboratories.


Facemasks are protective face coverings worn by lab workers to protect themselves and others. Although facemasks have been questioned, many researchers have seen the safety benefits of using them in the laboratory. Face masks are disposable and lose fitting, covering the mouth and nose. Although they have limited protection, they are still an effective way to prevent cross-infection.

Biological safety cabinets:

Biological safety cabinets in research laboratories provide laboratory workers with an enclosed, ventilated workspace. These cabinets are necessary for working with pathogens. They can also be used to store hazardous materials. These cabinets have many uses but are most often used in medicine. They are an important laboratory component and should be included in any facility.

Before working with any biosafety cabinet, it is important to disinfect all surfaces. UV lights, for example, are useful but must be changed regularly. After several weeks, UV lights begin to lose their disinfection power. This is because the light can only disinfect surfaces, not the entire working area.

Fire extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers are an essential part of your research laboratory. They help you fight fires and keep your work environment safe. You should also be aware of your institution’s policy on firefighting. In case of a fire, you should evacuate the building as quickly as possible. You must notify the building’s administration so that they can respond to the situation.

First aid kits:

First aid kits in research laboratories are essential tools for dealing with minor injuries. They can be purchased through research safety on either campus. These kits contain the essential medications and items needed to treat various injuries. They are easy to transport from one location to another. It is important to keep them fully stocked to prevent a medical emergency.