Great Tips for HVAC Services Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, HVAC services have become an integral part of everyone’s lives. HVAC keeps us cool in summers and warm in winters. The cost of running these services can be extremely high and greatly escalate your monthly electricity bills. Take a look at the following top tips for energy efficiency to save money on monthly electricity bills.

Proper Size

Size is a crucial factor to be considered for ventilation systems, especially in commercial areas. Over-sized units can lead to energy inefficiency, and, hence, high utility bills. Before installing a unit, ensure that it is of proper size. A professional contractor can be hired to take proper sizing requirements of the unit. hvac repair paramus nj

Keep the Unit Clean

The air conditioner and ventilation unit should be kept clean on the outside. One should immediately clean the debris that has accumulated over the unit. It is essential to keep these systems clean as any debris can obstruct the air flow and reduce their efficiency.

Change Filters

One should regularly check the filters of the system and change them before they discolor due to dust and impurities. If the filter does not work properly, it will lead to increased pollens and dirt inside the home. Moreover, the overall energy efficiency of the air conditioning system will decrease.

Clean the Coils

Coils are an essential part of every HVAC system, and they are directly related to energy efficiency. If the coils are messed up with dirt, it will lead to slow heating or cooling, which in turn will reduce the energy efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the coils at regular intervals. If someone cannot do it on their own, they should hire a professional.

Humidifier Settings

The settings of an air conditioner humidifier should be properly done so that the room does not become hotter than outside. If this would be the case, the air conditioner will have to work hard and consume more energy. The ideal setting for a humidifier is 35 percent, but slight changes can be made according to the weather. One can refer to the user’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended settings.

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