Premium Hen House Building Plans

If you’re serious about constructing the best quality chicken coop for your flock, you might want to check out some premium hen house building plans. This is the style of chicken coop that includes the most features, provides the highest egg yields, and looks the most attractive. This article outlines some of the more important aspects to building a hen house such as this, and provides you with the best way to get construction started as soon as possible.

Required Skills And Experience staircase supplier

You don’t need a lot of woodworking skills and experience to build a quality hen house. If you can measure, plan, and use a handsaw and hammer, you will be able to complete this project. The right hen house building plans will guide you through with ease. In fact, the hardest part to the whole project is deciding on what particular design you want to build, and what individual features are required.

The Basic Designs

There are 3 premium chicken house designs. Ranging from smallest to largest are: the large chicken coop, the traditional hen house, and the chicken barn. Each style requires more time and material investment.

The large chicken house is perfect for a free range mini farm. It doesn’t include a secure chicken run, as it’s sole use is to provide a safe place for your free range flock to sleep and lay. It’s main feature is the multi storey perches.

Next is the traditional hen house. This is an older style, but with many modern features, such as an automatic egg collection system. You can also include an optional chicken run, which will ensure that your free range flock remain safe from predators and thieves.

For those of us who take chicken raising very seriously, whether it be because you run a small organic egg business, or just like to take good care of your pets, the chicken barn is the cream of the crop. It allows you to keep as many birds as you like, and includes a massive chicken run, which keeps your chickens happy, relaxed, and laying at optimal output.


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