The Link Between Entrepreneurs and Learners

Real joy in the business world comes with a passion to learn. The success of entrepreneurs is better measured not only by how much their business has grown but also by how much they have learned in the process of reaching that success. The rewards brought by learning contribute to the success of an entrepreneur. But one must understand that the path of entrepreneurs is long, maybe endless, and complicated to which they must endure with pride and pleasure.

Entrepreneurs go through constant thoughts and worries about money. They may have to deal with frustrations from customers or they may need to act as referee between their employees. Stress, long hours and lack of sleep – these are all part of the life of entrepreneurs yet are just one portion of the big picture of entrepreneurship. The more gratifying side of entrepreneurship is the chance to learn and grow as one gives his best and strives for excellence. Results may not come as expected but there is a sense of fulfillment knowing that all effort has been provided.

Are You an Entrepreneur?

Books, online tests and all sorts of resources attempt to help you determine if you have the potential of becoming a successful entrepreneur. If you can identify with what is described below, you are on the right direction of becoming an entrepreneur.


    • An entrepreneur has brilliant concepts. He strongly believes in those concepts and is determined to pursue them. Even if everyone else seems negative about his ideas, he still goes after his dream. Steph Korey


  • He takes risks and is willing to spend every penny just to chase his dream. He does not doubt at any single moment that it will fail but is ready for all possibilities. In case of failures, he is quick to recover and immediately starts to think of the next concept.


Being an entrepreneur simply means taking all possible steps to make your concepts into a reality. You are neither worried about committing errors nor are afraid of failures. Instead, you take every situation as part of your learning process. There is no room for negative thoughts. There is only enough space for learning, enhancement and development.

Entrepreneurs are made rather than born. Their origin may contribute to their desire to do business but it is through learning from day to day situations that they become better entrepreneurs. And they are not contented with being a better entrepreneur but rather aim to become only the best – not to receive appreciation from others but to find priceless satisfaction.

Indeed, there is joy in entrepreneurship which goes beyond all financial problems, stresses and other trials. It is not affected by discouragements and failures. Real joy in the business creates such an indescribable and incomparable feeling that maintains that fire burning to motivate entrepreneurs to keep on keeping on. As it is said, one should not rest until his good is better and his better becomes the best. But real entrepreneurs do not choose to stop even when they reach the top, only because entrepreneurship involves learning and the latter never ends.



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