The Realme GT – Ultra Wide 4.2-Inch Mobile Phone


For those of you looking for a sleek and technologically advanced smartphone on a budget, the Realme GT from HTC is a good choice. Although Realme has come out with mid-range handsets in the past, with their X series occasionally setting foot on the high-end price line, this is finally the company’s first foray into the low-budget/high Spec market with one unique model and for the most part, if it does it right, will be a roaring success. For only a couple of hundred pounds, the Realme GT comes equipped with a super-sleek, futuristic look and for that price, it delivers. If looks were everything then the HTC Realme would have been a winner but it’s not and what’s more, the phone runs surprisingly well for its size and dimensions. realme gt

With a metallic build that gives the Realme GT an air of authority, coupled with an all-metal body that complements it very well, it doesn’t feel out of place in an electronic device, let alone a smartphone. It’s easy to appreciate why this striking looking phone manages to combine style and substance with a solid and stable unit. The Realme It’s looks are striking and although it’s not the kind of phone you’d pick for a night-out on the town, it does exude a certain sophistication and class. One characteristic of the Realme Gt oozes is a sense of style and although many people might dismiss it as “futuristic” or “fake”, it isn’t. With its angular yet smooth lines, it lends itself to a fun and playful appearance and with its soft-touch keyboard and spacious 3-inch screen, it’s easy to see why it’s such a favourite with design-conscious consumers.

When it comes to raw power, nothing comes close to the Realme GT. It offers 1ghz dual-core processors, providing users with an intense gaming experience and an efficiently running device. In addition, the Realme GT also has support for high definition video recording and editing, optical image stabilisation and premium quality sound systems. To top it off, the camera on the Realme GT has been equipped with an effective laser imaging system, which means pictures taken using the Realme Gt will be delivered with clarity and amazing images. For users that want an all in one smartphone, the Realme GT also offers quick and simple connectivity features, such as Bluetooth and MMS.

Equally impressive is the fact that the Realme GT also features a front-facing camera with a built in lens, so users don’t have to worry about taking the device anywhere. There is also a built in alarm, allowing for users to get up to date with their busy lives. To round it off, the Realme GT comes with a generous memory space – ample for plenty of storage space and a whole lot of games, music and videos.

The Realme GT comes with a whole host of exciting features, but what really sets it apart from other smartphones is the fact that it offers users the ultimate satisfaction with its user friendly interface and eye-catching design. With a classy and powerful design, users are sure to appreciate the vibrant colours and stunning curves that have been carefully designed into the Realme GT. The Realme also offers superior performance and quality in terms of camera performance, image processing speed and connectivity, thanks to the powerful Adreno processor. With the Realme GT, users are sure to stand out from the crowd – and to have the time of their lives.

With an impressive list of high-end specifications and a wealth of cutting-edge features, it’s no surprise that the Realme GT has been named one of the UK’s best new mobiles. Users are sure to appreciate the ultra-wide, 5.5-inch screen, incredible visual clarity and brilliant image processing. Users will also love the attention to detail that goes into the creation of each Realme GT model, which uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every photo is flawlessly captured and delivered.

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