Unjamming uPVC Door Locks

uPVC Door and double glazing multipoint locks are prone to jamming shut where maintenance has been neglected or the weather prevents the mechanism in the door working smoothly.

Depending on the type of uPVC door lock fitted in the door there are various methods of unjamming.

Our locksmith found that cheaper doors are usually fitted with roller type locks.

These locks have rollers that slide up and down into keeps when the handle on the door is lifted upwards.

These doors can be unjammed using a wide flat steel bar or door spreader. door lock company wholesale door lock lock manufacturing

The rollers will easily pop out of the keeps unjamming the door when a spreading force is exerted.

This is also considered a security flaw in older uPVC doors since it is such an easy method of opening the door.

Our locksmith found that on the more modern and expensive makes of door, hook and deadbolt style multipoint locks are fitted.

These require a little more skill to unjam.

Firstly spread the door gap carefully and hold open with soft wooden wedges to prevent frame damage.

Once the location of the hooks or deadbolts are identified you can retract them manually by forcing them inwards with a strong screwdriver or bent instrument.

Ensure the key has been turned into the unlock position before forcing any hooks back in place as the turn of the key is the secondary locking feature and will not allow the bolts to retract.


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